With summer just around the corner, Smorgasburg has summer new vendors that already have us getting hungry. From paratha tacos, to spaghetti burgers, to house-cured bacon and homemade mozzarella there’s a lot to get your tummy rumbling. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come this summer:

Smorgasburg is back outside with (we think) our best lineup yet. We received 300+ applications and spent the winter tasting dishes from pros and amateurs alike. We hosted over 100 tastings and selected a handful of new vendors to join the market. Here’s what’s new this spring:

  • Antica Pesa: Owner Francesco Panella serves up three items not on the menu at his popular Williamsburg restaurant: Frittata di pasta (think spaghetti burger), eggplant parmagiana and pizza bianca.
  • Best Buds Burritos: San Diego-style burritos stuffed with carne asada, fresh guacamole, crema, cheese, salsa and *french fries*.
  • Big Mozz x Atlantic Ave. Co.: Mozzarella cheese made onsite served on a sandwich (with yummy roast pork) or as a “bomb”: a mini-ball injected with homemade lemony pesto.big mozz
  • Birds & Bubbles: Nashville hot chicken on a biscuit with deviled egg sauce and dill pickle slices. From the popular LES chicken and champagne restaurant.
  • The Cardinal Bakery: Vegetable/vegetarian sandwiches on homemade bread. Plus, chewy PB&J cookies.
  • Curd’s the Word: Beer-battered Chicago-style cheese curds. Lots of sauces.
  • Dorset Maple Reserve: Small-batch syrup by the bottle produced in southern Vermont, along with maple-sugar candy, maple caramel corn and bacon-maple candies.
  • Duck Season: Duck confit (whole leg/thigh) served on the bone or in a sandwich with duck crackling. Order with a side of duck-fat-fried new potatoes.
  • Goa-Taco: Fusion tacos served on Indian paratha bread and stuffed with meats and more.goataco
  • The Imperial Egg: Scotch eggs with fillings like Moroccan spiced lamb and Japanese-style chicken sausage,  accompanied by delicious dipping sauces.
  • Lolita’s: Spanish Iberico ham sliced to order or served in a sandwich. Also sliced ham to take home.
  • Manousheh: Dome-cooked Lebanese flatbreads with zaatar and/or labneh cheese.Manousheh
  • Piece of Velvet: Red (or blue or green) Velvet cupcakes and cakes.
  • Rai Rai Ken: An extension into Brooklyn from the authentic, delicious East Village Japanese ramen restaurant.rai rai ken
  • Rise & Swine: A new stand from the El Gato Nacho team featuring house-cured bacon served on breakfast sandwiches. Don’t miss the French Toast sandwich.
  • Shuka: Poached eggs shakshuka-style in red, green and white sauces. They also have food trucks around town.
  • Snowday: The Drive Change non-profit organization brings its “Sugar on Snow” to Smorgasburg; hot maple syrup rolled in “snow” on a popsicle stick. Served with a side pickle and donut. Don’t knock it till you try it.snowday
  • Stand Coffee: Pop-up  shop serving Cafe Grumpy-roasted coffee.
  • Tango Chile Sauce: Vinegar-and-pepper-based sweet-and-salty fresh chile sauce.
  • Tink’s Red Ginger Cocktail Sauce: Tangy and unique cocktail sauce for shrimp or meat.tinks
  • von Kava: A tasting menu (where you actually sit down and are served!) from Jonathan Kava of Mas Farmhouse. The menu changes seasonally but a typical tasting might include: crab fritter with bacon beurre blanc; white asparagus soup with charred ramp; poached cod, pickled fiddlehead, smoked shiitake; pork loin with smoked gnocchi, carrot stew; and a caramel petit four.

See you at Smorg!