Even though winter is rolling in, Ice Cream is still my desert of choice. I realized this year that I lost my ability to eat an entire pint to myself, which my heart has broken over, but I still enjoy it for breakfast regardless. Ice Cream packaging design is always creative and seemingly colorful. It can convey premium ingredients or 12 year birthday party flavors. Check out what we’ve found inspiring lately in the this sweet frozen category:

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1. Conceptual Amy’s Ice Cream – Designed by Eric Timmerman

2. Sorvete Italia Ice Cream – Designed by Fernanda Schmidt

3. Conceptual ASDA Ice Cream – Designed by Daniel Stuffins

4. Dee’s Ice Cream – Designed by ???

5. La Strada Ice Cream – Designed by Cohnandjansen

6. Fiasco Gelato Holiday Collection – Designed by James Boettcher and Megan Zee

7. Gorky Park Ice Cream – Designed by Anastasia Genkina

8. Milkmade Ice Cream – Designed by ???

9. Conceptual No Lait Ice Creamery – Designed by Sherry Leung

10. Bamsrudlåven Gårdisis – Designed by Olsson Barbieri, winner of in 2014 Dieline awards here

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