I’ve been struggling with making breakfast in the mornings lately. I’m halfway in between going all out with a green smoothie or letting my morning cup of coffee guide me to lunch. Skewing on either end of the spectrum, oatmeal serves as a happy middle. Although oatmeal often denotes searing hot, plain mush packaging and structure can bring to it new life.

Take a look below at our favorite hot, plain mush products below:












1. Oatly Oat Drink – Designed by Forsman & Bodenfors

2. Stoats Porridge – Designed by Robot Food

3. Conceptual Redesign of Kellog’s Oat Bran Cereal – Designed by Anna Geurink

4. Lottie & Beck Oatmeal – Designed by Matt Lafferty

5. Vigilent Eats Superfood Oat Based Cereal – Designed by Eric Kass

6. Conceptual Peace, Love, & Oats – Designed by Jaime Foxx McQuilkin

7. Conceptual Quaker Oats Redesign – Designed by Toby Edwards

8. Conceptual Daily Oats – Designed by Merilla Angie

9. Conceptual DSM Oat Bran – Designed by Guilherme Dorneles

10. Conceptual Wild Oats Bar – Designed by Soo Kim

Interact on Shelf is a design firm that works exclusively with grocery brands.

What makes us different is that we study consumer culture, design trends, industry innovation and many other dynamics that shape opportunities for your brand in order to create iconic work that’s designed to sell in a retail environment.

If you think you could benefit from partnering with a young, energetic bunch like us, you know what to do.  Contact us!

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