Soup comes in cans, wine comes in bottles, and granola bars come in wrappers. But why do we continue to float along in this sea of sameness? Your packaging alone can lead to a simple shift that will grab your consumer at the point of purchase.

Justins Nut Butter

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Epic Bar

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We’ve seen unprecedented success in brands willing to take their product and their packaging to a new level. Take Justin’s Nut Butter for instance. Justin simply scooped his nut butters out of the jar and put them in single serving packets. In changing his packaging, he was able to move his product to a whole new category: energy bars. How about EPIC foods? EPIC essentially cleaned up and classed up beef jerky when they created a grass-fed, animal-based protein bar. They brought a savory and natural option for both athletes and go-getters.

The example I swear by, though, is boxed wine. And as it turns out, I’m not alone. The wine that Kathie Lee and Hoda are sipping everyday on the fourth hour of the Today Show may not be coming from a bottle.

Boxed wine hat


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“There was a time when it was taboo to bring boxed wine to a party,” Hoda told viewers in April. But celebrities, consumer education, and testaments from professionals such as Ray Isle of Food & Wine magazine are breaking this stereotype. I’m not encouraging you to go stock up on Franzia and relive your college days. But I am convinced that the perceived value of boxed wine is changing, and “cardbordeaux” is catching on. I’m drawn in by the promise of more buzz for my buck, but the box has added benefits of cleanliness, a longer shelf life, and environmental friendliness.

My point here is simple: don’t be afraid to do something different. If you truly believe in the uniqueness of your product, relay that to your customer with a unique package design. Excite and surprise them, and give them a reason to want to try what’s inside.

PH_PRESS1 French-wine-packaging sauvignonBlancWindowSill11. Public House Wine

2. Promenade Wine

3. Public House Wine (Again, but they’re both so great!)

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