It seems like we have some sort of minimal theme going on for this weeks packaging haul post, maybe that’s because only the ladies submitted their pictures, but we swear it wasn’t intentional. Check out what we’ve found inspiring this week:


1. Simply Gum

“Seeing more packaging like this would make me *so* happy! I caught myself buying energy bars or drinks just because their packaging was simple, unusual, and not screaming in my face. Simply Gum is a great example of this clean, crisp, minimal approach. “

– Kat

SUGARCURSE photo Nikki Pike

2. Fig and Yarrow

“I love the sophisticated simplicity of Fig + Yarrow products. By using beautiful, heavy glass jars that create a visual consistency across product lines, inventive product descriptions and simple black and white type paired with a typewriter font, the brand takes on a precious and ethereal feel. “

– Bethany


3. Just Laid Eggs (Conceptual)

“I love the simplicity and visual appeal of this package! It’s refreshingly funny in a dull category. It also effectively communicates the key product attribute: freshness.”

– Gretchen


4. Solstice Canyon

“I found these guys stumbling around Instagram, and immediately fell in love with just about everything surrounding the brand. I naturally gravitate towards illustration and icons but lately I’ve found botanical illustrations particularly flattering on just about anything. I would eat all this almond butter in a day just to put the jar on my shelf of inspiration”

– Mollie

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