The Raddest Thing We Saw at Expo East

What: Living Salad

Who: The Radicle Farm Company

About: Radicle’s Living Salad is grown in individual trays that contain nourishing coconut fiber. Living Salad is sold in the tray in which it was grown, meaning that the product is still alive when you bring it home. To use, simply wash the product, trim the desired amount and make yourself a salad that would make Alice Waters proud. An added bonus: because Living Salad is alive, there’s no need to refrigerate. The product can last for 7-10 days in room temperature and can be planted in your garden after you’ve finished enjoying it.

Why We Love It: Radicle’s Living Salad expands upon farm to table by taking the movement one step further: from farm to home. Living in Boulder, it’s easy to think that everyone has their own garden. However, we recognize that this isn’t the reality most people live in. That said, what we think is so incredible about this product is its potential to change the way our culture perceives and values food, freshness and sustainability. We believe in Radicle’s ability to shift the way we think about food for many reasons:

  • Grown in trays, Radicle minimizes the amount of times the plant has to be tended. Touched only twice—once when planted and once when harvested—Radicle is able to compete on price. At an MSRP of $2.99, fresh produce is made more accessible to a broader consumer base.
  • In addition to the tray-grown system, antimicrobial coconut fiber prevents cross-contamination. This means no recalls and peace of mind for both retailers and consumers alike.
  • Today’s consumer is very removed from agriculture becausemost products in the grocery environment are packaged and ready-to-eat. Living Salad is grown in compostable and recyclable packaging and its production process is transparent to constumers because of its living nature.

Congratulations to the Radicle Farm Company for winning a NEXTY award at their very first Expo East, and be sure to keep an eye on these guys to see what they’ll do next. To learn more about their product and mission visit: Radicle Farm Company



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