Collagen is a vital protein which contributes to the strength of skin, hair, joints and the digestive system. The body’s production of this protein decreases with age – which has led to a higher consumer demand for collagen supplements. It’s typically been sold as a topical solution or in capsule form, but it’s recently gained traction as a starring ingredient in the food and beverage world.

Bone broth is one of the only food sources that is naturally rich in collagen. While there has been an influx of bone broth brands on the market, not many are taking the opportunity to call out the collagen benefits on packaging. It’s more common to see collagen protein powders formulated specifically to function as a supplement. A viable alternative to traditional whey protein, these powders lean into keto and paleo dietary trends. Collagen is most often derived from animal connective tissues, so many brands are calling out qualities of meat-based products such as grass-fed and pasture raised.

Ancient Nutrition uses the high concentration of collagen in bone broth to make a protein supplement

Further Foods features some selected benefits of collagen protein on front of package

Perfect Keto leans into the ketosis diet trend, promoting collagen secondarily

Paleo and Active Lifestyle friendly veteran Bulletproof positions collagen protein as a performance supplement

One consistent theme we’ve seen in consumer eating trends in recent years is the gravitation toward convenience. Getting all of the body’s vitamin needs met from natural food sources isn’t always viable for on-the-go lifestyles. Thus, ready to mix drink options featuring collagen are plentiful on the market right now.

Dr. Kellyann’s Slim Instant Coffee makes it easy to get a daily serving of collagen protein

Similarly, Vital Proteins allows collagen protein to be a simple addition to morning coffee

Reservage educates the consumer about the health merits on front of package with their collagen tea

Another tried and true way to deliver vitamins and energy is via the bar. Several brands have combined ingredients like nuts, seeds and meat to provide hearty, protein snacks which boast the added benefit of collagen.

Primal Kitchen’s line of bars lean into the ingredients, including 15g of grass-fed collagen protein

Nuttzo Bold Bitez are positioned as a nut and seed butter snack with a collagen benefit

Neocell bars are called out specifically as a collagen bar

Country Archer Jerky Co. specifies the use of beef collagen in addition to protein content

While most collagen sources are derived from animals, it can also be found in select herbs. This helps meet the demand for vegan collagen supplements.

Anima Mundi offers a powdered, plant-based collagen supplement

Moon Juice’s Beauty Dust claims to “help the body conserve collagen protein”

As the varieties of functional foods expand, we will see more of healthy compounds like collagen featured on packaging. Though the true extent of health merits that it provides can be debatable in some cases, it’s mostly being promoted as a healthy benefit to an already beneficial food, like protein powders, bars, and coffees. The trend of gaining multiple benefits from one source will continue to be embraced by consumers looking to get the most out of their food.

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