As the year comes to an end, we’re getting excited about trends predicted for 2017. We’re seeing that the common theme of functionality is consistently on the rise in food and beverage, and will continue to be a core focus for many consumers.


2017 Food Trend Predictions
Kind is ahead of the game with a Dark Chocolate Cocoa breakfast bar


1 – Chocolate for breakfast!

With studies reaffirming that dark chocolate has a positive effect on cognitive function, we’re wondering why we haven’t been eating it with our morning coffee all along. Food Business News foresees chocolate making a bigger appearance in our breakfast foods. But this doesn’t mean that we’ll see a rise in sugar-laden yogurts and cereals – it’s more likely to manifest in more wholesome dark chocolate flavored grains and nut milks for maximum health benefits.


Habit is taking food personalization to the next level | Image Source


2 – Personalized Nutrition

A startup called Habit is launching in January, which will offer personalized nutritional plans for users based on information derived from blood tests. Data will be taken from different unique biological variables. If the app is successful, it will help to connect the dots of fitness and diet trackers. This could the next step of user interaction applications informing our personal food, drink and vitamin intakes. 


Bee larvae granola by The Nordic Food Lab


3 – Combating World Hunger

The future of food looks somewhat grim with staple crops dwindling in many parts of the world. To find a solution, experts have been turning to less conventional foods like insects, and the resilient yet under utilized crops like jackfruit. As these underdogs of food rise to feed more people, we see more products emerging that make them seem more appealing. Jackfruit has become a widely recognized meat alternative, and we’re seeing crickets and mealworms being integrated into all kinds of food. Bee larvae and other unlikely foods will continue to crop up this year.


Melatonin-based supplements like Neuro Sleep are projected gain popularity | Image Source

4 – Calm Evenings

The market for caffeine products is thriving, but winding down after a hectic day has proven to be more difficult for many. With this, we will see a rise in evening occasion products that aid in sleep and relaxation while “taking a cue from the beauty industry, food and drink that provide functional benefits while the consumer sleeps” (Food Business News).

We’re constantly on the look out for what’s on the rise, so stay tuned in 2017 to learn about more bleeding edge trends – and which ones will have the power to impact the industry.