The meatless movement is charging ahead at full speed, inspiring many to consider new alternatives to the typical soy laden products we’ve come to associate with vegan food. Plant based product brands are offering up innovative and wholesome replacements for foods that are typically made from dairy or meat. We’ve rounded up 21 examples of these foods that are worth trying for vegans and carnivores alike.

1.Beyond Meat

2. Daiya

3. Sir Kensington’s

4. Field Roast

5. Hilary’s

6. Hippeas

7. Kite Hill

8. Larabar

9. Lightlife

10. Louisville Vegan Jerky

11. Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss

12. Neat

13. Numoo

14. Quorn

15. Seamore

16. Sophie’s Kitchen

17. Soul Sprout

18. Sweet Earth

19. Treeline

20. Uptons

21. Vega