Millennials are all the buzz these days, and they’re setting trends that ripple across the globe. As consumers, they are looking beyond the product, and spending their dollars on brands whose values align with their own. Three food companies in particular have found a way to connect and engage with this demographic, and in doing so have retained a large Millennial consumer base.

Chipotle: Chipotle’s success is founded in the company’s commitment to freshness and integrity. This concept is not only communicated through advertisements, but in the experience itself. You watch as employees cook the meat for your perfectly wrapped burrito, and are only separated from the action by a glass partition. There’s a reason that we continue to hear other restaurants described as “the chipotle of” sushi, sandwiches, etc.

Shake Shack: Shake Shack built its Millennial base by boosting their social media efforts. The fine-casual burger joint has expanded beyond just Facebook and Twitter, and engages with consumers on Vine, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube. With only 65 locations worldwide, Shake Shack has the biggest social audience for its size, which is proof of the power of replying to consumers. In addition to its social presence, Shake Shack’s edgy and modern design in conjunction with its commitment to fresh and real ingredients have positioned the chain for growth.

Whole Foods: This list wouldn’t be complete without the addition of the country’s largest natural supermarket chain. Whole Foods has truly redefined the experience of grocery shopping, and created an experience about more than buying food. Employees engage with customers in a hip and eclectic vibe, and are eager to help them navigate the aisles. In addition, Whole Foods has been able to create a community in standing for authenticity and inclusion. And of course, we love the free samples that encourage us to try the latest in health food trends.

All in all, food is fashionable, and this is because the Millennial generation has made it so. Millennials care about what goes into their food, not just how it tastes. They stand for something, and expect the companies they shop at to do the same.

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