I think it started with chocolate covered ants, which were mainly a gross novelty, that people have tried to sell insects and bugs as food.  Touted as an excellent source of protein, we just can’t get past the yuck factor.

This article in the New York Times made me appreciate how the idea of eating insects just won’t go away.  Perhaps we’re close to being ready to eat bugs.

Here’s a few reasons we may be ready for this innovation in food:

1. Our pallets have expanded since the days of chocolate covered ants.  We weren’t eating things like pate, sea urchin, pesto, and balsamic vinegar.  We have come a long way and continue to look for new foods to experience.

2. I don’t think insects present the same global warming effects of methane from our four footed sources of protein.

3.  I also don’t think they have the problems with mercury and overfishing that is making seafood less attractive.

4. We are slowly being exposed to the insect foods of other cultures.  For example, you can get grasshopper tacos in New York City.

We will see if we are finally ready to embrace insects as food.  I know it’s going to happen, its only a matter of time.





1. Toloache’s Grasshopper Tacos in NYC

2. Thailand Unique’s Edible Bugs – Check out their site to see their Scorpion Vodka

3. Hotlix’s Scorpion Suckers

4. Ento’s Grasshopper Pate

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By Blake Mitchell

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