Having a great product and a great package may be the easiest part.

The really hard part is next. You need to make sure you are tough enough to sell.

The hard part is doing whatever it takes to start selling.  Whether it is fighting to get on shelf or endlessly finding outlets to get your product in the hands of consumers, it takes not just energy but toughness.

This article from the New York Times about the beginnings Coconut Water will give you an idea of how tough you need to be.

Interact on Shelf is a design firm that works exclusively with grocery brands.

What makes us different is that we study consumer culture, design trends, industry innovation and many other dynamics that shape opportunities for your brand in order to create iconic work that’s designed to sell in a retail environment.

If you think you could benefit from partnering with a young, energetic bunch like us, you know what to do.  Contact us!

By Blake Mitchell

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