People have been using and enjoying bone broth since the beginning of recorded history. It was prepared in the first restaurants and continues to be used for many other purposes to this day. The product, created by simmering the bones or meat and fish with a combination of vegetables and herbs is a nutritious, high protein base that can be eaten simply as soup or be made into a soup stock or braising liquids for a variety of food preparation. This versatile liquid has recently regained popularity for its heath benefits from the amino acids, collagen, and minerals that are extracted from the bones during the cooking process (Health Ambition). In response to its power to improve digestion and bone health, a whole range of packaged products have been developed over the years to make it more widely available to the average consumer.

Frozen Nourishment: Bonafide Provisions



Bonafide provisions created the first USDA Organic bone broth available on the market in response to consumers who wanted to explore this nutritious broth but were too hesitant to make it on their own. This company takes pride in its organic, local, and sustainable ingredients that go into their traditional, slow-cooked bone broth. They respect the time-honored tradition of bone broth by freezing the product, in order to maintain the integrity and nutrients that is expected by its consumer.

Packaged for the Environment: Kettle and Fire



Kettle and Fire Bone Broth is America’s first and only USDA approved grass-fed bone broth. The creators of this company wanted to make a product that had the ability to improve consumer’s health and provide an overall better quality of life. Not only is their bone broth shelf stable and packaged in a fashion that preserves it’s natural nutrients, Kettle and Fire’s physical packaging is what distinguishes them from other competing companies. Unlike most shelf-stable products, their packaging is completely environmentally friendly. Instead of being manufactured from the typical earth-harming materials, Kettle and Fire’s container is made mainly from wood fiber, making their product recyclable, sustainable, and biodegradable.


Earth Friendly: EPIC



EPIC takes pride in our beautiful planet and makes this apparent through both it’s glass packaging and it’s savory broth. Their goal is to teach their customers that eating healthfully cannot only help

your body, but can help preserve the earth as well. They stand by the belief that their products “improve the lives of animals, regenerates our bodies, and helps heal the land” (EPIC Bone Broth). By making their traditional bone broth, EPIC is able to follow “The Whole Animal Project,” and make use of every part of our brilliant animals. This bone broth is the world’s first ready to heat broth that maintains a “nose to tail” commitment to create their nourishing food and to produce less waste.


Powder it Up: Ancient Nutrition



As mentioned above, many bone broths are offered at grocery stores in both shelf-stable and frozen varieties. Although these options don’t take nearly as much time as a homemade bone broth could, Ancient Nutrition’s goal is to make it even easier for the on-the-go consumer. By creating a true bone broth liquid and then dehydrating the product, this company was able to capture the same high-quality benefits of the broth but in powder form. All that it takes to make this real food powder supplement come alive is to scoop and stir and you are out of the door in seconds.


K-Cup Style: LonoLife



Along with Ancient Traditions, LonoLife wanted their consumers to be able enjoy a nutritious snack without sacrificing the convenience. This healthy, all natural, 100% recyclable K-Cup provides a flavorful snack in a small, cost-friendly way. Each K-cup contains 10g of pure bone collagen and contains no gluten, MSG, or extra carbohydrates. These components allow for their product to resemble the freshly simmered bone broth people have come to know and love, but delivered in a quick and easy manner.


Bone Broth has come a long way since it was once being used by our ancestors solely out of necessity. From frozen to powder, Bone Broth is becoming an easily acquired, hot commodity and will continue to attract consumers looking for a tasty and nourishing snack.