“Truly”, owned by Hirzel Canning, recently released a line of high quality Dei Fratelli tomato products with an eco-friendly twist. The new line is consistent with what president Stephen Hirzel calls a “field to carton” philosophy. Hirzel’s strategy is to bring the freshest ingredients in a progressive manner. That’s not to say that they’re “canning” their roots, but rather complimenting them with long-term sustainable packages. The boxes are made of 75 percent paper board and are filled with an energy efficient system. The design has functional shipping and storage benefits while preserving the color, texture, flavor, and nutritional components of tomatoes. While still fledging, the environmental benefits and the product quality are gaining “Truly” new retailers. We’ll be keeping our eyes out for these boxed tomatoes to make their debut in our grocery stores soon!

To read more, check out the full article in the Sentinel Tribune

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