Choosing a “buy one, give one to someone in need” product is something that everyone can feel good about. An abundance of companies that base their ethos on this model are thriving. One notable example is Tom’s shoes, but it’s a movement that we’re seeing expand to other life necessities such as eyeglasses, water filtration systems, and food. The simple act of buying has become one of the easiest ways to pay it forward.

Four employees from Campbell’s soup felt the need to make a positive change in their community, and the Soulfull Project was born. They were inspired by the working class families they encountered, who struggled to afford wholesome foods. With the intent to help people start their days strongly (no matter what walk of life they came from) the Soulfull Project introduced a line of instant hot cereals. For every serving bought, another would be donated to a food bank.

Backed by the power of a food industry giant, while focusing on impacting the lives of individuals makes this a uniquely operated business. The production of product helped by an established infrastructure leaves lots of room for little pockets of personalization, like including handwritten notes in the packages. While the company is looking to expand its offerings, it’s this type of purpose ingrained in the brand that allows for a truly human connection to shine through – even for a large scale company.


It’s brands like these that get us into the spirit of giving and gratitude. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving from Interact!