As consumers demand more transparency concerning what’s in their food, that sentiment also spills into other personal care categories – most notably of late, beauty. We see plenty of brands lean into the playfulness of touting ingredients by making packaging actually resemble food products. However, this trend has traction to withstand the test of time as the natural movement expands into industries outside of food alone. While we’ve heard of age old beauty remedies such as using eggs for hair conditioner and coconut oil for moisturizer, companies are taking it a step beyond the kitchen. These are some brands that are bringing a tastier aspect to beauty.

The Body Deli

When you hear that something is “organic and raw”, you might think of a juice bar. The Body Deli is kind of like that, but for your face and hair. They mix live superfoods in small batches to create concoctions designed for purposes like hydration to rejuvenation. Some of their products even require refrigeration to extend preservation – you know, like raw fruits and veggies do.  


The enzyme peels from this company seem more like tasty fruit spreads than exfoliating facial products, but the edible components serve for more than just appetite appeal. Ingredients like cherry and fig are chosen for their vitamin rich properties, which can be hydrating and anti-inflammatory.


This company is committed to using different types of food for different skin care needs. From honey to tomato, you’re sure to find a flavor that appeals to you. The Veggie Garden masks are packaged to look like seed packets and the Royal Honey Essential Toner seems like it would be perfectly in place on a farmer’s market vendor table.

Youth to the People

Plant based skincare has a face in Youth to the People. Their products proudly declare the superfood ingredients in a natural, simple design reminiscent of cold pressed juice bottles.

Tony Moly

Another classic beauty hack is the mayo hair mask. Tony Moly has stepped up that concept with a better smelling but just as fortifying alternative. It’s packaged to look very similar to the condiment, so probably best not to leave it in the fridge! Similarly cheeky packaging is used for their Red Apple and Peach hand creams.

Yes To

The name Yes To is the precursor to natural ingredients like carrots, tomatoes, grapefruit and charcoal. Whether it’s Yes to Carrots or Yes to Coconuts, a line of products with products for face, hair, lips and body exist.

100% Pure

The makeup industry is showing signs of natural food use as well. 100% Pure features fruit pigmented makeup, and coffee bean caffeine eye cream.

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