We’re all too familiar with the day-to-day morning coffee ritual. We invite you to step outside of the cup, and check out 18 unexpected and totally awesome ways that you can keep your buzz going throughout the day.


Caffeine Alternatives

1 – Aerolife

This patented innovation delivers fast energy and nutrition via powder. With no calories, sugar, or mess, it’s an amazing way to power up just about anywhere and any time.


2 – Avitae

Offering a kick along with a dose of healthy hydration, Avitae is an awesome beverage to keep on hand whether you’re at the gym or in the office.




3 – Awake Energy Bar

Jumpstart your morning with a snack that packs a punch! These bars contain as much caffeine as a ½ cup of coffee and whack of B vitamins to help fuel your day.




4 – Clean Energy

Bypass the need to eat or drink and go straight for the buzz.  Just peel off the Patch, stick it almost anywhere, and enjoy the hum for up to 8 hours. When you’ve reached your goals, simply remove the Patch and call it a day.




5 – Clif Shot Bloks

For athletes, it can be difficult to get quick energy. Clif now offers an awesome and tasty chewable option that can be enjoyed on the move.



6 – New Grounds Food Coffee Bar

Never fear spilling hot coffee on the way to work again! These bars are infused with one whole cup of fair-trade coffee, sourced from the Chain Collaborative, to provide energy that you can feel great about.




7 – Cracker Jack’d

A bold twist on a classic snack, Cracker Jack’d makes for a great snack with a bonus buzz. Indulge your sweet tooth while taking in the equivalent of one cup of java.



8 – Good Day Chocolate

Good Day chocolates offer a tasty and playful boost to your day. You can munch a couple, or the whole package. A handy “How Much Energy Do You Need?” chart shows just how many it takes to put a pep in your step.



9 – Guayakí Yerba Mate Shot

Yerba Mate is one of the cleanest sources of energy around, and there’s no quicker way to take in its benefits than gulping down a shot of the stuff.




10 – Il Morso

Il Morso, or “the bite”, is a delectable treat inspired by the Italian tradition of dunking chocolate pastilles into espresso. Now you can have all the caffeine you need in one satisfying bite.



11 – Java & Co

Don’t bother turning on the coffee maker on a Saturday morning, and liven up your pancake breakfast with this caffeinated syrup instead.


12 – Neurogum

Two ‘o clock slump got you feeling low? Pop a piece of Neuro Gum in after lunch and regain the focus you need to carry you through the rest of the day.




13 – Pacific Shaving Company

“Put caffeine on your mug, not in it.” If you didn’t know, caffeine is a powerful antioxidant that does good for the skin. While you’re shaving in the morning, this cream can penetrate your skin and give you a kick-start!




14 – Penguin Peppermints

These classic mints will freshen your breath while alleviating any need to have a second cup of coffee for the day. Say no thanks to $5 lattes when you’ve got a tin of these in your pocket!



15 – Power Toothpaste

What’s more efficient than getting your caffeine fix in before that pot of coffee even has a chance to brew? Seize the day from the start with this energy toothpaste.




16 – Runa

This powerful and natural tea hails from the Amazon, where it’s powers have long been used to increase stamina and clarity – without the side effects of traditional coffee.



17 – Surge Soda

Nostalgia for this throwback reached its peak last year, when a passionate group of consumers rallied to bring back the discontinued soda. Now it’s back, and just as good as we remember.




18 – Wandering Bear Cold-Brew

Cold-Brew is one of the most delicious and effective ways to get a straight up buzz, and Wandering Bear brings it right to your own personal refrigerator!

Despite being totally fascinated by the world of caffeine alternatives, we’ve still got mad love for good old fashioned coffee. Stay tuned for a rundown of some of our favorite examples coffee packaging!