*Disclosure: The products discussed in this article are intended for medical use in individuals 18 years of age or older, and recreational use in individuals 21 years or older. Laws regarding cannabis use vary by state. Consume legally and responsibly.


In 2012, the legalization of recreational marijuana ushered in a new wave of cannabis businesses scrambling to establish themselves as the best in the business. In the past four years, we have seen the rise and fall of a number of these entrepreneurial pursuits. While product availability and potency have grown exponentially, attention to branding and packaging design has left much to be desired. Booming sales in Colorado combined with more states legalizing medical use of marijuana and the looming possibility of it becoming legalized federally, this is an industry that’s making a splash – even in the food and beverage category. Today we are taking a look at six cannabis infused edible products that are setting the standard in quality of product as well as design.

Cannabis Packaging Design Ideas


1 – Dixie Elixirs and Edibles

Dixie offers a full range of cannabis infused products, including tinctures, chocolate and mints. While common fare in the world of weed-laced edibles, what sets them apart is their exceptionally beautiful packaging which is thoughtfully carried through all packaging. Using imagery of ingredients draws attention to Dixie as more than a medicated experience, but a culinary one as well.



2 – BlueKudu Chocolate Bars

Many tell cautionary tales of overindulging in tasty cannabis infused treats, leading to side effects much more powerful than just a sugar high. Offering appealing flavors that even the non-partaking consumer would be tempted by, Blue Kudu is standing out in dispensaries as the star of the chocolate bar category. The outer packaging and the bars themselves are intelligently designed to make it simple for the user to know how much THC they are consuming, with each square portioned out to mark a percentage of the entire 100mg bar.  



3 – Om Edibles

Those who use cannabis for its healing benefits often will gravitate toward health conscious options. Om Edibles creates oils, balms and edibles that are made from wholesome ingredients and pack a punch. Cinnamon maple and vanilla tree hugger snacks are a delectable mix of coated nuts and seeds that are potent (at 100mg for a 4oz package), but a perfectly discreet medicated snack.



4 – Fruit Slabs

Organic fruit stars in this medicated snack. The package design reads as intriguing, elegant and upscale. The transparent back allows the consumer to see just how beautiful the product is. A fruit leather snack runs the risk of being mistaken for a child friendly treat, but Fruit Slabs have done an excellent job of branding this as an “adults only” product.



5 – Lifted Edibles

A bag of Lifted Edibles looks as though it could settle right in between the raw macaroons like Hail Merry and Laughing Giraffe on shelf. The packaging is as friendly and approachable as any other health forward, “enlightened” type of brand. However, these highly potent bites are reserved for those who are looking for some serious medication, with 100mg packed into just a few servings.



Snoop Dogg’s line of marijuana edibles looks as though they’ve pulled a leaf out of the Mast Brother’s book. With vibrant, abstract imagery complimented by upscale gold accents, these chocolate bars say more artisanal, less illegal substance. We’ve come a long way from homemade pot brownies. 

Cannabis infused food and beverages are making a splash on the scene. We’re looking forward to seeing how these products will continue to step up their packaging, as competition and professionalism increase in the industry. Thoughts on how this might play out? Email blake@t17.7a7.myftpupload.com