With recreational marijuana legalized in 9 states, and medical in 29, there’s been a huge influx of cannabis infused food products. But customers are chasing more than just a high these days – cannabis is more commonly being used as an ingredient in wellness forward brands. Enter a world of well curated, function-focused brands which feature THC, CBD and hemp as ingredients to fulfill a variety of purposes.

The combination of cannabis with other healing foods can create effective natural remedies for everyday maladies. By using different levels of THC (the compound responsible for the high), and CBD (which helps to alleviate pain, anxiety and other issues), products can be formulated for specific purposes. Case in point, Kikoko offers a line of cannabis infused teas which are individually created to reduce pain, aid sleep, increase libido and boost mood. Prominent call-outs on the packaging specify whether the product contains low, medium or high THC levels so that the consumer may make an informed decision about what kind of effects to expect. Similarly, Stillwater’s cannabis teas and coffee are marketed as “The Natural Way to Manage Daily Stress”, and are prominently labeled with THC content on front of package (a low 2.5MG dose). Mondo is cannabis sold in powder form, allowing the consumer to precisely measure the dose they’d like to consume in order to experience natural anxiety relief, without sacrificing the alertness and productivity necessary to carry out daily tasks.

Image Source: Mondo

Image Source: Kikoko

Image Source: Weller

Many of these products lend themselves to regular use, much like a vitamin or other natural supplement – often, without the any need for the mind altering effects of THC. Hemp is a powerful source of vitamins and essential fatty acids, and is a friendly option for those with food allergies.

Weller leans into the idea of daily wellness with high quality hemp extract coconut bites, created for a more mindful and elevated snacking experience. Charlotte’s Web hemp extract oil is sold as a supplement to combat day-to-day stresses, also in a form that lends itself to precision dosing. The company even carries a special hemp extract oil blend for dogs! Cured Nutrition features a variety of infused spices as an easy way to incorporate low doses of CBD into meals. These products are centered around versatility, giving the consumer the power to choose what type, and how much cannabis they’d like to ingest to suit their needs.

Cannabis is making a splash in the wellness space. Though most products are heavily regulated and not available on conventional shelves yet, we will only continue to see an increase in function-focused cannabis as an ingredient – whether to treat a specific ailment, or as the feature of a daily regimen.

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