Beckon Ice Cream

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Beckon (formerly Minus the Moo) is an ice cream that happens to be lactose – free. They faced a sizable challenge; consumers had a hard time shaking preconceived notions around the set. Lactose – free just didn’t scream delicious to customers. Our goal was to re envision the lactose-free ice cream category. We wanted Beckons’ ice cream to evoke premium indulgence and taste first and foremost, letting lactose-free take more of a secondary backseat.

lactose free ice cream


beckon ice cream


minus the moo


diary free ice cream


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chocolate chip ice cream
vanilla ice cream
ice cream you scream
chocolate ice cream lactose free
beckon ice cream
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The Results

The rebrand, launched in June of 2018, included our new name, Beckon, that served as a welcoming call and invitation for consumers to indulge.  Three months post-launch Beckon’s new packaging and brand fueled their authorization for a nationwide launch in Whole Foods Market. Sales between FY 2018 and FY 2019 grew 200% in the Northeast WFM region, where the brand initially launched. Beckon added +700 doors in 2019 and will add +600 in 2020.

beckon packaging redesign
dairy full and lactose free
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