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Spreading the GoodPop Good

Born in an Austin Farmers Market—happy souls with gumption and willpower — GoodPop has always been unconventionally authentic. Their spunk and attitude has helped them continue to push the envelope and never hide their true intentions: making frozen awesomeness while helping others and spreading GOOD.




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The Problem to Solve

GoodPop came to Interact needing to make a clearer connection between Good Pops and Good Living. They needed to refresh their brand in a way that accurately reflects the story of GOOD in a more unique, authentic, and delicious way.

How do we clearly communicate integrity and deliciousness? How do we tell an ingredient story that highlights the harmonies and connections with the greater community? In short, how do we ensure GoodPops is synonymous with GOOD?

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Our Approach

Popsicles are simple, happy treats. The fact that GoodPops are extra delicious and EXTRA good made our lives a whole lot easier. Good Pops. Good Ingredients. Good Purpose. Could it be any simpler than that? Our mission was clear: Be proud of the pop and what it’s made of. And shout it from the rooftops!

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The Solution

Vibrant, juicy pop front and center. Clean backgrounds and vibrant ingredients to highlight clean-eating goodness. A refreshed and emphasized brand logo at top of pack that acts as a beacon for GOOD and telegraphs where to find it. And to top it off, spunky, conversational messaging reinforces the human-focused mission of the brand and highlights the GOOD.

The result? Packaging that reflects the pops inside.

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