the insight

Tofu has had a rough time finding mainstream adoption. It’s lived on the fringes of society, in poorly lit co-op aisles and crazy vegan’s fridges. But as the world has learned to adopt “plant-based” foods, Tofu’s primed to shed its stigmas with the right positioning.

the big idea

Make Tofu Delicious - no excuses, alternatives or substitutes.

hodo <br> package redesign

brand position

The Renaissance of Tofu

Product Flavor Extenstions

Product Details

Family Extension

Family Extension

Product Details


increase in production

the consequence

We’ve created pride, not just amongst the Hodo team, but with consumers as well. They’ve picked up press along the way - say hi Bloomberg.

hodo <br> package redesign before

Old Product Portfolio

hodo <br> package redesign after interact

New Product Portfolio