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Weller CBD Beverage

As a first mover in the CBD category, Weller came to us with two goals: overcome the negative connotations cannabis sometimes bears, and create a brand that feels accessible and welcoming to a mom shopping with her kids. 

Weller CBD Alt Logo
Weller CBD Can Design
Weller CBD Bites Packaging Design
Weller CBD Soda Box Packaging Design
Weller CBD Snacks Packaging Design
Weller CBD Soda Can Branding Design
Weller Cannabis CBD Coconut bites Packaging Design
Weller CBD Focused & Chilled Branding Design

Weller currently holds the position of #1 best-selling CBD carbonated beverage brand in the natural channel and continues to gain momentum across channels nationally (SPINS).

Weller CBD Branding Photography
Weller CBD Can Design
Weller CBD Coconut Bites Branding Photography
Weller CBD Coconut Bites Multipack design