The New Year has brought a lot of exciting and interesting projects to Interact. We’re kicking off with a lot of new clients and brands as well as continuously concepting, working, and re-designing to produce innovative work with intent to sell. With all of the controlled chaos in house, we wanted to take a break to congratulate Enjoy Life Foods and Bandar for continuing to push their brands to the top.

We kicked off our first project with Enjoy Life just this year and have already  Working in tandem with Enjoy Life Foods (ELF) has been an interesting and informative exercise within the category. ELF is a brand built on what they don’t put in their products—all ELF foods are free from the top 8 allergens. Although this brand is particularly appealing to those with serious dietary restrictions, their consumer base casts a much wider net. ELF continues to introduce new products that are still Free-From without being flavor free. This brand has been so successful within the category that they’ve caught the attention of global food manufacturer, Mondelez International. In recent weeks the corporation has acquired Enjoy Life Foods in order to learn from them. The acquisition was inspired by the opportunity for Mondelez to learn the ins and outs of the natural food space as well as giving ELF the resources to become a full-fledge lifestyle brand with an ever evolving, Free-From product line. Mondelez has yet to break through a more premium natural food category and they’ve chosen an excellent source to learn from. We’re excited to see ELF’s potential come to life by working hand-in-hand with one of the world’s largest snack food manufacturers.









Enjoy Life isn’t the only client of ours to take advantage of an opportunity to expand. Bandar Foods brings popular Indian flavors to an everyday American audience. They have a line of snack foods (Pappadums, Naan Chips, veggie Chips) and sauces that appeal to a more Western way of eating all the while inspired by traditional Indian cuisine. The originality of the product and brand speaks for itself but, much like ELF, once lacked the resources to reach a mass market. By teaming up with AccelFoods, Bandar now has the resources to further expand their brand. AccelFoods only signs brands that demonstrate a strong passion and potential to disrupt their respective categories. As a leading curator in food and beverage innovation, AccelFoods knows what it takes to develop successful brands. Under their guidance, we expect to see a lot of new and exciting things coming from Bandar.

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Enjoy Life Foods and Bandar Foods have worked incredibly hard to become the inventive, thriving brands they are today. We wish them the best of luck and can’t wait to see the success that comes out of their new partnerships.