Despite the variety of roles that we all play here at Interact, we’re got one big thing in common: an impeccable taste for beautiful and functional package design in the food and beverage category. So it’s no surprise that our newest additions would bring some fresh and fabulous examples to this round of the Packaging Haul! Welcome our two newest interns, Alex and Lindsay.



Creative Packaging Design Ideas 2016

1 – Jungle Bar

“Jungle Bars are among the first of their kind, employing the sustainable power of insect protein coupled with the fan favorite flavors of chocolate and cranberry. Clean, simple, and delicious, these protein bars are designed to get you through the day, whatever your day looks like! The packaging is inviting, colorful, and playful which successfully draws shoppers in and abets them to try the innovative protein source smothered in fruit and chocolate.”

– Blake

Designer: Búi Bjarmar Aðalsteinsson





2 – Perrier

“Perrier’s series of ‘L’Atlas Street Art’ inspired cans and bottles give a fresh, new look to Nestlé’s popular sparking mineral water. For over a century, Perrier has collaborated with famous artists such as Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, and Bernard Villemot to add color, pizazz, and shelf appeal to its trusted product. Perrier’s decision to decorate its product in the artistic style of L’Atlas brings the iconic beverage to the masses. Perrier’s new style is innovative, eye grabbing, and relevant and its taste is timeless.”

– Alex

Designer: L’Atlas 



3 – Pipcorn

“Miniature snacking is on point with Pipcorn! It makes you feel like you are on a whole other snacking planet. From it’s on point kraft paper bag, artisan font + generally amazing taste, you will win with this product overtime.”

– Danielle

Designers: Freddy Taylor and Noah Collin 



4 – Back to the Roots

Back to the Roots has found a way set themselves apart from traditional cereal boxes in a new and innovative way. By packaging their cereal in a milk-style carton, they have visually suggested that the product is best paired with some nice, cold milk.

– Lindsay

Agency: Double Six Design