Kombuchas are moving over on shelf to make room for a drink that is fresh to the category, but is steeped in tradition: drinking vinegars. As discussed in our trend prediction post earlier this year, consumers are shifting trust to the tried and true methods proven effective through history and culture. With a renewed focus on good gut health, foods high in probiotics are gaining popularity, and so this uncommon beverage is now being offered by small and established companies alike. Here are a couple that we’ve got our eye on right now.


Pok Pok Som

Drinking Vinegar Trend On The Rise

This brand was born in a Portland restaurant called Pok Pok, where the drinks are made in-house using fruit, vinegar, sugar, salt and water. Pok Pok Som is now available for order outside of the restaurant, signifying that the demand for this fermented elixir is growing.




Suja is a well established fresh beverage brand, most recognized for their cold-pressed juice offerings. With a heavy positioning on health, rejuvenation and cleansing, drinking vinegar is an addition that integrates well into the lineup of products that this company offers.




Pressery is another brand that carries a variety of health forward beverages, including cold pressed juices and broths. While the thought of sipping vinegar is less than appealing to some, Pressery has taken an innovative spin by using coconut vinegar. This uncommon ingredient combined with different fruit juices and maple syrup makes for an intriguing product that will catch eyes on shelf.