Interact is always working to bring innovative and strategic design to grocery shelves and whenever possible, integrate eco-friendly practices into our packaging. Clean Conscience recently recognized our internal and external efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, rating Interact in the top 20 of Greenest Companies in Boulder. Whenever possible, we try to recommend sustainable packaging and plant-based inks to our clients. We also opt for fresh air rather than AC, community water jugs rather than bottled drinks, and obviously, recycle everything. See what the Clean Conscience had to say here:


Top-20-Eco-Friendly-Company-in-Boulder-300x220clean-conscience-logo-hi-resInteract is a branding and packaging design firm that works directly with Consumer Packaged Goods companies (CPGs). Our unique industry and skill set allows us to consult with our clients and partners on best practices to eliminate unnecessary packaging waste, sparing businesses of excessive environmental impact while also helping to save money and materials. When appropriate, we also recommend the use of recycled paper substrates and plant based inks to enhance our unique and compelling design solutions.

These business practices are paired with the companies own Eco-friendly measures: everyday office recycling, water jug use to cut down on consumption of bottled beverages, use of open windows and fresh air over AC whenever possible, and the use of our abundant natural light over electricity.

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