FoodNavigator-USA caught up with our very own Blake Mitchell to get the scoop on innovative package design that really raises the bar. Described as the IKEA Effect, we can thank brands like Target and Apple for bringing integrity and inspiration to all different fields of design far beyond the traditional.

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“Innovative packaging can really help smaller brands punch above their weight. But which food & beverage companies have really nailed it from a design perspective? Food Navigator-USA caught up with Blake Mitchell, parker at food and beverage brand design firm Interact On Shelf, which works exclusively with grocery brands to get his take…

Sometimes it’s just about standing out with a great design on a familiar packaging format – such as Angie’s Boom ChickaPop popcorn, which comes in pastel shades, says Boulder, CO-based Mitchell, who was speaking to FoodNavigator-USA at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.

In other cases, new packaging can redefine a category, or create a new one, he notes (sales of Justin’s nut butters really took off after Justin Gold put them  into portion-controlled squeeze packs, which could be eaten on the go).

In general, he says, “Thanks to companies such as Ikea, Target, and Apple, there is a total respect for design now that goes well beyond furniture and gadgets.”

Retailers are also starting to up their game, he says: “Waitress and Tesco in the UK are at the forefront but we’re seeing some more interesting designs here from retailers such as Target; retailers are also starting to hire big agencies to work on the packaging designs.

“I think premium is also being reassessed so while there’s still a lot of black and gold out there, something like Simply Balanced in Target says premium in a new more modern way.”

Pictured: SMÁRI organic Icelandic yogurt at the Winter Fancy Food Show. Says Mitchell: “I love this design, it’s really eye-catching.”


Interact is always excited to work with brands that share the same passion for creative, yet effective package design. Recently, we took the IKEA Effect inspiration to Bandar’s newest line extension, Veggie Chips; take a look:


A special thanks to FoodNavigator-USA for the feature. We always love the opportunity to chat about innovative package design.

The original article can be seen at: The IKEA Effect