Happy Friday! Summer is in full swing, and we are reminiscing about the sweet frozen treats that we grew up with. Relive the feeling of chasing down the ice cream truck with these throwbacks.


Orange Creamsicles all day. They are the best of both worlds, sweet vanilla covered in tart fruit flavoring. Best when eaten next to grandmas pool.


Two words: CHACO TACO. I remember feasting on these beasts at the summer camp canteen…. I don’t know what brilliant mind decided to herald the unholy alliance between hard shell tacos and frozen dessert novelties, but damn I’m glad they did.


Sprinklers Ice Cream bars! The perfect combination of rainbow sprinkles, vanilla ice cream and chocolate coating. Im 90% sure I was obsessed with these mainly because I used to LOVE everything rainbow.


I loved walking to 7-11 with my friends to get a Slurpee and playing Crusin’ USA (this is back when 7-11’s had arcade games in the back).


Frozen Capri Sun…alll dayyyyy.


Tamarind or passion fruit flavored shaved ice cones with condensed milk drizzled on top.