Mexico City is full of innovations in the food and beverage space. Our creative director Fred Hart and President Blake Mitchell spent 48 hours in this extremely lively city, walking over 23 miles and soaking up all the food and beverage knowledge that this rich culture had to offer. Check out what they learned below.



Fresh ingredients to fuel the body abound in Mexico City. We saw multiple quality cold-pressed juice options in the stores, and even got to hang out at the Tonica by Sersana stand! We found that cold-pressed drink packaging in Mexico City is positioned to focus less on visual appetite appeal than what we’ve seen in the United States.

Food and Beverage Innovations in Mexico City

Wellness Shots



Makers & Innovators

This city has an entrepreneurial spirit. We were able to sample a variety of Naka Noke & Sons Sauces, which are an interesting fusion produced by a woman of Japanese descent who moved to Mexico. They have a unique texture that is similar to mole sauce. We also came across the beautiful Son de Miel honey, which mixes business with philanthropy.




Healthy is Happening

There is a rise in natural food stores, which boast a variety of food offerings for the health-conscious shopper. While there weren’t any large, Whole Foods types of stores to be found, every block of the city seemed to have small bodegas carrying organic products.

Health Food store

superfood bar

Kale Chips


Traditional Markets

As with many other cultures, conventional grocery stores continue to sell products high in sugar content. Though the Mexican government was the first to tax soda in order to combat high obesity rates, the availability of sweets sold in the markets and by street vendors is remarkably high.

mexican grocery

lips packaging



Mercada Roma

This gourmet market carried a wealth of unique products sold by small vendors. The setting was seemingly centralized more around community than food sales.

Mercado Roma


Hanky Panky

This speak-easy was way too good to keep a secret. We spent some time here chatting with other designers, and sipping on matcha cocktails. It’s an interesting place that staffs five of the best bartenders in the city, with each working a different night and whipping up their own signature cocktails.



Art Museums

Because we gather inspiration from the world around us, no trip to a city like this would be complete without a visit to some fine art institutions.


Museo Jumex


Thanks for checking out our experience in Mexico City. Stay tuned for more adventures in the food and beverage packaging world!