Fashion and food: two things that are crucial when it comes to being at the forefront of culture in today’s society. But, since when has food inspired fashion? New Balance, Nike, Jeremy Scott and Chanel have found ways to incorporate food into their fashion; inspiring a trend that makes food on your clothes acceptable.


J. Crew x New Balance 997 “Butterscotch” | Source: Imgur


New Balance Tennis Shoe is a great example of a company that has expanded on the food and fashion trend. They teamed up with J. Crew to make the limited edition “Butterscotch”. Naming their shoe after the candy has allowed for New Balance to use uncommon colors that are associated with the candy. Those specific colors have allowed for New Balance to give a retrospective aspect to the basic tennis shoe.


Nike KD-8 PBJ | Source: Sneaker Bar Detroit


New Balance is not the only athletic company using the food trend to make their shoes relatable. Nike has released a shoe that speaks to the child like mind in all of us. The KD 8 PBJ is the first sneaker to use themed colors in their shoes. Nike has seamlessly made the top of their shoe look like a grape jelly, while making the bottom of the shoe the same color as a childhood favorite, peanut butter.


Jeremy Scott for Moschino | Source: MTV


Jeremy Scott has taken food and fashion to a new level. He does not only base his fashion concepts off food, but incorporates the brand logo and colors into all of his clothing. Scott has combined pop culture and the world of fast food as a way to launch his new line at The House of Moschino. Scott left little room for interpretation when the models walked out dressed as high-end employees at McDonalds or dressed as the wrapper for a Hershey’s Chocolate.


Chanel Fall-Winter ’14 | Source: Eonline


To conclude in the frenzy of fashion-incorporated food, there is Chanel. In the 2014/2015 fall and winter collection, models walked an unconventional runway. The show took place in a full-scale Chanel branded super market. Chanel used the food themed runway to let the clothes have a ‘street’ feel, instead of the high-fashion runway feel that is associated with the classic fashion show. Chanel was able to do more than just add food to the clothes; it was able to let food define what the clothes spoke for.


Fashion and food are two things that we rarely see together. New Balance, Nike, Jeremy Scott and Chanel have found inventive ways to combine them seamlessly. Fashion has found a way to add food to their culture, pushing boundaries and adding new perspectives – which is crucial in staying on the forefront of thought in todays society.