There’s a chill in the air, pumpkins are cropping up and goodies to satisfy our sweet tooth are all around. Autumn is officially here, so it’s time to highlight some beautiful seasonal packaging. Whether meant to evoke the spirit of Halloween or simply the cozy feeling of fall, these foods have us feeling extra festive about the season. Grab a cup of cider and settle in to hear about our favorites!

Yasso’s Pumpkin Cheesecake bars takes the cake for me. The color palette is more expansive than the expected oranges of fall products and takes me straight to a chilly day full of hayrides and picking pumpkins. The illustration is lighthearted enough for everyone, but still super textured and interesting. Somehow the bar still owns the pack without distracting from any of the fun details.

– Bridget

Love Califia’s take on fall packaging. I think they have struck an ice balance between hitting the fall mark and making the consumer feel warm without over doing it.

– Sydney

Bear Naked’s Pumpkin Spice packaging will make you want to put on your cozy scarf and take a stroll through the fallen leaves. The customization of the bear to be wearing a hat and scarf is clever, while the fall tree pattern in the background creates nice texture. Additionally, the pumpkin callout makes the flavor profile evident.

– Janna

I found this product at Pharmaca in Boulder, CO and was instantly drawn to it. Most Halloween candy on the shelf screams bold colors, over-illustrated characters and noise. This variety pack showcases a whimsical illustration of a vibrant tree with falling leaves. The elevated design instantly brought with it a warm feeling of Fall and nostalgic memories of playing in the leaves as a kid. The pop of an added pumpkin gives it the perfect Halloween touch – this packaging is clean, modern, and doesn’t scream at you. Plus, it’s organic; a win-win!

– Abby