There’s a new trend in package design, and we have a feeling that the “green scene” in Boulder will be all over this eco-friendly movement. Edible packaging is flooding the food and beverage industry, and were sure to see even more of this in 2015. These days, you can eat everything from the coating of your cheese to your party cup. Food Dive took a look at some of the latest products.


WikiFoods, Inc.

WikiFoods, Inc. bases their product off of the coating fruits and vegetables naturally have. Bio-creator and Harvard professor David Edwards took this natural coating to a new level by packaging all sorts of foods in a “skin”. This “skin” is made of biodegradable foods and nutrients and encases frozen yogurt, cheese, fruits, vegetables and more. Right now, the company is focused on generating awareness to get consumers on board with the next big thing.



Loliware is another company diving into the trend. They’re capitalizing on the event industry with their biodegradable, edible cups, which are flavored for specific beverages. When considering the vast amount of plastic used at all sorts of events, Loliware offers a practical and tasty solution. In the works is a cream and sugar-flavored cup for an edible coffee treat!


Alfred Coffee & Kitchen

Joshua Zad, owner of Alfred Coffee & Kitchen in L.A., is already in business with his edible coffee packaging. He serves coffee in an ice cream-style waffle cone with a chocolate rim. As Zad says, it “it combines something everybody loves anyway – coffee – and a different vessel to drink it in that you’d never really think about.” We’re looking forward to his cone 2.0 set to debut in January!


All of this has great implications for consumers and the environment alike. It means an influx of new products and (hopefully) a reduction from the 251 million tons of trash Americans accumulated in 2012. We think edible packaging is a win-win!


To read more about this tasty trend, check out this article.

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