The year is coming to a close and we are feeling ultra festive as we notice more beautiful holiday themed packaging popping up. Join us as we share the foods we want to pass around at parties this season. Happy haul-idays from Interact!


holiday food packaging ideas

1 – Tyrrell’s Potato Crisps

I absolutely LOVE this package from Tyrrell’s for the holiday season! Such a unique use of product photography (potatoes as ornaments) and fun, festive product identifier callout (Merry Crisp-mas)! The chips/crisps category is a difficult to bring a bit of holiday cheer to without sacrificing what the brand stands for. Tyrrell’s has executed this in such an ownable way, and every detail is well thought through, down to the mistletoe in place of the apostrophe in the brand name.

– Kyla


2 – SKØLL MØUMOÜTE – Limited Edition Winter Bottle

The French brewery Skoll Tuborg already plays up that it is the coldest beer fit for a viKING, but their Winter Edition bottle takes their packaging to the next level. It’s one thing to use a blue frosted bottle to convey it’s cold and refreshing nature but to wrap the bottle in a fur boot further heightens that consumer experience. The playfulness and texture provide an undeniable shelf presence and no doubt its a crowd pleaser and conversation starter at any holiday party.

– Kelley



LTO options has for a long time energized the candy category. Celebratory graphics proliferate Valentines Day, Halloween and Christmas most notably. While the candy category continues to be ruled by giants like Nestle and Hershey it’s been great to watch better for you options like UNREAL start to push into the seasonal aisle. Their provocative Dia de los Muerto Halloween package is followed up this year with a playful Christmas line. While maintaining the product photography, Unreal has found a playful way to integrate illustration and create a unique yet simple holiday pack.

– Emily



This Ginger and Cranberry DRY Sparkling is what dreams are made of! Celebrate the new year with this fun and light design. Gift these holiday flavors and excite hosts with the playful packaging!

– Bridget