Organic and natural products have three to five more years of expansive growth left before becoming fully mainstream. This means producers have three to five more years to become a favored brand with a larger consumer base that is just starting to incorporate natural, organic, non-gmo foods into their diets.

As the products move from natural to mass-markets, c-stores, club, and drug across the country, producers are faced with opportunities and challenges in meeting the mainstream consumer.

While some grocers, such as Kroger and Wegmans, were quick to develop their natural and organic selections, many retailers have yet to hit their potential. An opportunity presents itself to meet consumer demands for what they want and where they want it. Beat competitors to distribution channels that had seemed irrelevant in the past. Consumers today expect products to align with their “at-your-convenience” shopping patterns.


Keep in mind that mainstream consumers require different approaches to messaging, flavors and formulations. Honest Tea has a sweeter tea and different messaging in Target than in Whole Foods. Alive & Radiant, a natural brand, has taken a completely different approach by creating a new brand from the mainstream grocery with their kale chips.

Whether you refine your messaging on pack, develop a new flavor that makes the unfamiliar familiar or go with your existing brand, you have time.  However, I would get moving to be the new consumers’ brand of choice across all channels.

To read what the CEO of Hain Celestial has to say on making the most of the next three to five years, click here.



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