Getting a grocery buyer to authorize your product can be one of the toughest challenges for a small to medium size brand. If consumers can’t find your product on the shelf, they can’t buy your product.

Having a better product alone won’t get you on shelf.

Yes your product should be better and you should passionately believe in it. Most new products are not really new products or ideas. They are simply better versions of existing products.

If a buyer authorizes your product and more people buy your product instead of an existing product that really doesn’t help the buyer. The buyer is measured on the performance of his category, a large part of which is growth. How many more dollars does his department sell year over year?

Just having a consumer buy your product instead of another may help you, but it doesn’t help the buyer.

Category growth is the key to getting your grocery product on shelf.

You need think about how your product will bring new people into the category. You need to gather facts on why more consumers are looking for your product. For example, the first organic mustard would probably bring more health conscious into his mustard department.

In addition to your facts and figures, you need a great story. Buyers are also consumers. While they may try to act like “just the facts” rationale business people, their emotions and gut also sway them.

The result of your story, should “just make sense” to the buyer.

To get the buyer to say yes, focus on how your product will help him grow his category and not just cannibalize sales from other brands.

Take a look at some brands we think are prime examples of this below:





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By Blake Mitchell