We’re always hungry. Literally. It doesn’t matter what time of day, we’re always ready to pull out the snacks. If you’ve ever wondered what munchies satiate our team of food fiends, today’s your lucky day! Here are just a few things what we’ve been grazing on lately:



If there was a way to hook our faucets up to an endless stream of Waterloo, it’s something we’d heavily consider. As I’m writing this, there are four opened cans in my line of sight.


Simple Mills

Crackers tend to get pegged as backup singers for cheese and dips. But these Simple Mills crackers definitely take center stage. Once you start munching, it’s hard to stop. We often pair them with Bitchin’ sauce, hummus or peanut butter.


Bitchin’ Sauce

It’s bitchin’. At Interact we tend to dip Late July tortilla chips in Bitchin’. And when we say dip, we mean scoop. Like, excavator scoop. The chip is really just a pseudo-spoon, here. 



It’s essenced water that gets the job done.  Helps me stay focused through anything and everything.  No sleep last night? Boom, yerbae.  Too many back to back meetings? Boom, yerbae.



Not only do these wax-coated cheese bites satisfy that afternoon “I NEED CHEESE” slump (everyone gets that, right?), if you’re crafty enough, the leftover wax is kind of like adult play-doh. On a serious note these cheese bites are delicious. Long live Babybel!

Milton’s, Whisps, Siete & Late July

In a world full of dips, we need lots of chips. There two are our typical office go-tos. Crispy, salty, and a little easier on the conscience as multigrain tortilla chip options.



Just the right amount of sweet for breakfast. Just add hot water and it’s ready in minutes. Quick, easy, healthy grab.


Thanks for reading! We’ve worked up quite an appetite just writing this, and are off to scavenge the office kitchen for a quick bite.