Just when consumers are beginning to feel they have seen it all in the cereal and granola world, brands, as well as celebrity chefs, are coming out with new ways to flip the category on it’s head. Certain brands are making strides toward healthier options, ingredient transparency and the use of food byproducts as part of their formulations, while others are actually amplifying these traditional breakfast foods to be more indulgent than ever.



Cereal and granola don’t have the best reputation when it comes to a clean ingredient list, especially relating to sugar content. However, brands such as Kashi, and RX Bar are on a mission to prove that they aren’t afraid to show what their products are made of. In a recent redesign, Kashi decided to use close-up photos of their cereal and granola bars on their boxes to show how real their products are. Additionally, their granola bars are wrapped in a clear sleeve so the individual ingredients can be seen through the window on the front of the box. Aside from visually highlighting the product to relay ingredient transparency, boldly listing the individual ingredients can instill confidence in consumers that they can trust what they are eating. RX Bar utilizes a straightforward list of ingredients on their packaging to show consumers how clean and simple their products are. The last line of every list states “No B.S.”, which is one additional way of communicating their clean formulation.




As the concern surrounding food waste continues to grow, a few young brands have begun to play their part in utilizing food byproducts that would typically be thrown to the curb but are instead being used to create new food products. Pulp Pantry uses leftover juicery pulp and transforms it into delicious, grain-free granola. The use of juicery pulp is not only beneficial for waste management, but is also extremely nutritious and flavorful. Regrained harvests spent grain from the beer brewing process and converts it into rich granola bars with enticing flavors such as Honey Cinnamon IPA and Coffee Chocolate Stout. The spent grain is high in protein and fiber and low in sugar, making it an ideal component of nutritious granola bars.

(General Mills)


While many cereal and granola companies are cleaning up acheterdufrance.com their ingredient lists and manufacturing processes, others are creating new products that are so tasty, they could be confused with dessert. There is a growing trend targeting milennials that encourages reverting back to childhood and embracing that sweet bowl of cereal you always loved. Back in January, General Mills partnered with Girl Scouts to launch a line of cereal most everybody would be tempted by, Girl Scout Cookie cereal. The two flavors being sold are Caramel Crunch, based on the well-known Samoa cookie, and Thin Mints. The “cereal as dessert” trend is also popping up outside the grocery store and can be found in restaurants, such as Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar bakeries as well her new café collaboration with Kellogg’s. At the Kellogg’s Café in New York City, you will find delightful culinary combinations such as Special K cereal, Frosted Flakes, Pistachios, Thyme and Lemon Zest, all together in one big bowl.

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