Like Patagonia Provisions, Kashi Co. has taken a similar approach to using their brand story to highlight important aspects of their company. However, they have done so with a bit of a different twist. In addition to offering foods that encompass our earth’s greatest ingredients, they have taken it to another level with the redesign of their branding and packaging.

In the past few months, Kashi has begun to redefine and repackage their products in a new and unique way, using “natural” storytelling. This company has chosen to do this through the use of editorial-style, personal profile stories. They are doing this to influence change in the way people see their company and the perceived quality that it suggests. By placing a customer’s first impression, and perhaps how that product has changed the way they live their lives, on the backside of their products, they are able to accurately reflect the core values of the Kashi Company. With this visual addition, they not only have the ability to communicate their product quality, but also the dedication and heart behind the brand.



Every company has a different approach to food and for Kashi Co. it is an emphasis on innovative nutrition and sustaining the planet. From the very beginning, they have endured in the belief that real and nutritional food should not only nourish our bodies and fills our stomachs, but should also create positive change in us and in the world. That is why all of their products contain some version of simple, nutritious, whole grains. They use these whole grains such as, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and sprouted grains, to make Kashi Co. foods the innovative and delicious products they are today.

With a very similar mission to Patagonia Provisions, one would think these products would be just as expensive. However, Kashi Co. has made their family of products available to consumers at a very reasonable price. Items like granola bars and cereal range from $3-$5, while their more specialty items, like protein powder, land at the $30 mark. And, the convenience of their products is even better than the price. Not only do they want to promote nutritious and clean eating to their typical audience, they also want to show that this kind of practice can be achieve by even the busiest people. For example, college students with a busy class schedule, a teenager running from school to soccer practice, or even a businessperson with a long commute to work. All of these people can benefit from Kashi Co.’s healthy and earth-friendly products because they are portable, quick, and most importantly, delicious and nutritious.



Kashi Co. is only one of hundreds of companies whose mission is to preserve our earth and promote healthy eating. It will be interesting to see what other companies will jump on the bandwagon to sell their products through the art of storytelling, and to see if they are successful. What Kashi Co. is doing is revolutionary. As a premiere food company, they are taking that extra leap to strive for something so important to all of us — a cleaner and healthier planet.


To learn more about Kashi Co. and their recent redesign, visit http://www.packagingdigest.com/packaging-design/natural-storytelling-redefines-kashi-packaging1608.

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