The art of storytelling goes back thousands of years. But it was not until recently that food companies have adopted this practice in the process of selling their products. From a consumer standpoint, there has been increasing interest in knowing where and how our food is produced. In response to their customers, Patagonia Provisions has begun to provide this kind of narrative that in turn make people feel more connected with the food that they are purchasing and consuming. This company has started to focus their entire product lines around a brand story to emphasize where their food is coming from and the good it is doing.

To many people, Patagonia is a well-known clothing and equipment brand founded by Yvon Chouinard. However, in addition to this common perception, Patagonia has maintained a significant focus on organic products and sustainability in both outdoor clothing and food. Not only have their garments been organic since 1996, but they also strive to address our planet’s environmental issues with education and sustainable production of food.

Patagonia has created a branch of their company called Patagonia Provisions to share their findings and further educate customers. Their love of discussing food also pairs with the belief that there is a serious need for positive change in the food industry. Whether it’s clothing or food, Patagonia Provision’s goals remain the same – always aspiring to create for their customer, something that is of high quality and helps our environment in its perilous state.

To bring this positive change to life, they have introduced a whole line of what they like to call “Real Food.” They offer a wide variety of foods, ranging from packaged meats and fishes to snacks and soups, to help their customers better understand the new kind of food chain for which they are striving.



To further emphasize their goals and educate their customers, they partnered with director Chris Malloy to create the Patagonia Provisions film called “Unbroken Ground.” In the film, they further investigate four areas of agriculture, both land and sea, that have been affected in our environmental crisis, and are trying to break this devastating paradigm. By looking at regenerative agriculture and grazing, diversified crop development and restorative fishing, Unbroken Ground gives us the opportunity to understand and connect with the whys and how’s of solving this crisis and restoring our earth, through food.



Although Patagonia Provisions is aiming to make a difference by offering food products that promote environmental awareness and encourage support of local food producers, they are doing so at a very steep price. They offer products ranging from $12-$50 for their single items, and up to a staggering $160 for their gift boxes. As real and environmentally friendly as these products are, is it worth the price and can it ever become mainstream for the average consumer?


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