On the streets of New York City it is not rare to run into up and coming restaurants. One café, located at 1600 Broadway is breaking into a space that brings back the nostalgia of eating breakfast cereal. The café will serve dishes that feature classic Kellogg’s cereals combined with unique ingredients that make it a place where eating cereal for lunch is an encouraged feat.

Kellogg’s Cereal Bar Moves into Time Square
Source: The Thrillist

In an article written in The NY Times we hear the voice of Milk Bar, head chef Christina Tosi on the development of creative ingredients. She says in her interview, “I believe in the excitement a bowl of cereal can bring anytime of the day and I’m so excited to bring back a household staple in a fun, creative way!” The hope of this restaurant/ café is to bring a creative twist back to the food world. The cereal dishes are meant to maximize the full potential of any culinary kitchen by adding unique ingredients to childhood favorite cereals; such as frosted flakes, corn flakes and frosted mini wheat’s.

Even with the Times Square location, the all-day cereal café is trying to keep a low profile. While its surroundings are tall buildings with bright lights, Kellogg’s is keeping to its simple, family brand style. They are not focused on keeping up with the flash of Times square, but staying true to the their classic brand name. Not only does this appeal to the local New Yorker, but also the parents that feed there kids cereal every morning. Inside you will find the restaurant uses milk from local dairy farms and ingredients that can be found in the tri-state area. To amplify your nostalgic adventure at the all day cereal bar, the Kellogg’s Cafe is handing out boxed prizes that would be found in your classic cereal box. Though the prizes include tickets to Broadway shows, and sporting events, the café is a place to relive your childhood experiences in a grown up way.

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Kellogg’s has decided to position its self in a way that appeals to adults. We believe the focus is not on the café, but more on the feeling that it brings to its patrons. The trend of making packaged goods appeal to an older crowd is growing. One relevant example is when Pepsi launched their campaign with vintage cans. What the café does is make Frosted Flake cereal an adult indulgence. By taking away Tony the Tiger’s vibrant colors, and replacing them with muted beiges and blues, it becomes more modern and appealing to a crowd that has grown out of eating cereal. We believe Kellogg’s will use this space to showcase new products, similar to what Chobani did. Chobani started a yogurt café that highlighted their famous Greek Yogurt. They used a storefront to provide their customers with a first glance at what their new product would look and taste like.

The Kellogg’s café NYC is making cereal a modern day, adult meal. Tosi has found a way to add quality ingredients like lemon zest and pistachios to Frosted Flakes. Allowing for nostalgic adults to relive treasured moments with new and exciting iterations of their favorite childhood cereals.

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