The movement towards healthier foods is in full swing and with this Americans are putting their trust in the small, independent food companies. This is shown in the 70% of Americans who believe that all brands that are natural come from independent companies. Large companies are struggling to find loyal consumers who will believe in the purity of their food because of a stigma that large companies can’t provide the quality that they believe they deserve. The most loyal small, independent food consumers are Millennials: The generation that is driving an $18 million revolution.

The top 25 U.S. food and beverage companies have lost $18 million in the market share. While millennials walk through the endless aisles in the grocery stores, they have access to all the information inside each product at the touch of a button. This need and want for transparency is why the big food and beverages companies have lost their relationship with this generation. Transparency results in trust, which small food producers grow themselves on. Moving forward, independent food companies need to keep driving the food industry with transparency, purity in the their products, and an unwavering relationship built on trust with their consumers.