Boulder is home to a population of climbers, skiers, hikers, rafters and all manner of adventure hungry thrill seekers. Whether setting out for a week long backpacking trip or a quick afternoon hike, the right kind of food and beverage is key.

The active food category has always been a little sleepy, as we’ve seen a lot of the same brands dominate freeze dried foods and energy bars. But as consumers are becoming increasingly likely to spend more on sustenance that is convenient, new and eye grabbing options are popping up to intrigue the appetites of outdoor enthusiasts.

Heather’s Choice

This company features a diverse selection of organic freeze dried dinner entrees, breakfast options and snacks.

Tiger Nuts

Touted as superfood, this lightweight snack packs a heavy nutritional punch with high protein and fiber content. Organic Gemini offers them as snacks in a variety of flavors, as well as in the forms of tiger nut based flour and beverages.

Trail Nuggets

These bars communicate functionality as an active snack, with natural energy and protein – despite having similar ingredients to other bars in the category.

Fish People

Tuna pouches are a staple for backpackers and campers. This gourmet option offers a step up in flavor, but not in difficulty to prepare in the wild.


Stealth energy gels by Secret Training convey energy with the vividness and movement of its packaging.


These hydration tablets are packaged in a conveniently lightweight and reusable structure, a huge plus for active lifestyles.

Alpine Start

Great coffee that can be prepared with either hot or cold water can be your best friend on the trail.

Good To Go

Good to go is shaking up the conventionally stale looking design in the freeze dried food category with lively colors and patterns which differentiate each variety of entree.

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