Finding something worthwhile for a brand to share with the world beyond a commercial or tagline or product attribute is an uncommon talent.

One formula that’s always worked, take a concept or interest popular in culture and attach your brand to it.

Here, Meow Mix turns Kickstarter into CatStarter inviting fanatical cat owners to vote on both functional and completely ridiculous inventions for the brand to bring to market.

Want to have a larger place in the world’s hearts and mind? Start participating in culture.

Interact on Shelf is a design firm that works exclusively with grocery brands.

What makes us different is that we study consumer culture, design trends, industry innovation and many other dynamics that shape opportunities for your brand in order to create iconic work that’s designed to sell in a retail environment.

If you think you could benefit from partnering with a young, energetic bunch like us, you know what to do.  Contact us!

By Blake Mitchell

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