Finally it’s getting warm out here in Boulder, which means ice cream and happy hours are upon us. In order to celebrate the sun, we rounded up some inspiration for the sunny season. Check it out below:


1. Starkey Spring Water

“I like Starkey Spring Water for its emblem approach to the lock up that is reminiscent of “Welcome to State” signs. They also went the extra mile with a proprietary bottle that is embossed with “Deep Down Good” to reinforce that it’s from a spring. “

– Blake


2. Yeti Frozen Custard

“Crazy flavors seem to be the new norm in this category, but Yeti raises the bar with delicious flavor profiles such as Cinnamon Toast and Roasted Strawberry. With its minimalist package, the brand character, an endearing Yeti, becomes easily identifiable and iconic. Removing the potential clutter that product photography could create leaves the flavor to the consumer’s imagination and curiosity.”

– Mollie


3. Jooze (Student Project)

“I love how Jooze executes bringing ingredients to pack in such a creative way.  I’m always looking for healthy options for my son and anything that can add that extra element of fun goes a long way!”

– Kyla


4. Steel & Oak

“I love  Steel and Oak‘s packaging because they’ve taken a popular bottle and added an oversized logo to revamp it all the while still communicating simplicity and quality.”

– Kelsey

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