We’re always hungry for beautiful packaging, so we’re back with another packaging haul to showcase the latest and greatest products that we’ve seen recently.




1 – Blue Bunny Ice Cream

“Blue Bunny Ice Cream underwent a major overhaul, upgrading their classic brand. They’ve carried through their brand identity wonderfully into a new mark that is still recognizable, but incorporates a fresh sense of playfulness.The logo and illustrations are eye-catching, simple and modern. The new structure for the half gallons not only stands out agains competitors but also allows consumers to see the product, which looks insanely appetizing”

– Janna Czepiel

Agency: Designed in house.


2 – GoMacro Bar

“Macrobars are stunning. The packaging is simple but the colorful geometric patterns change with each flavor sku, and are gorgeous and visually appealing.  They stand out on shelf with their matte off white package, clean lines and geometric visual art.”

– Danielle Gunter

Agency: Pearlfisher




3 – PepsiMoji

” An amazing example of a brand hijacking and appropriating the epitome of social imagery. Beautifully viral, universally understood, and perfectly playful for a brand who’s tagline is “Live For Now.

– Fred Hart

Agency: Pepsico Design




4 – The Bee’s Knees

“The Bees Knees takes branding and the overall packaging experience to the next level. A lot of companies focus on how to make their bottle, bag or boxed product packaging more appealing to consumers, but this brand’s unique approach to the interactivity across multiple packaging aspects speaks to the high quality sourcing of the honey while maintaining an emotionally enticing and entertaining aesthetic for consumers, validating this premium product’s high price point.”

– Kyla Deforest

Designer: Terence Kitching