In this round of our Packaging Haul, we’re admiring some products that are seriously summer worthy. With bright colors and playful illustrations, there’s an energy to all of these that has us beaming. So settle into your lawn chair with a beer, a popsicle, a bag of crisps (ideally all three!) and see what all the buzz is about.



Creative Food Packaging Design Haul 10
Source: Abby Parsons

1 – Crane Brewing

Crane Brewery, 15 minutes outside of downtown Kansas City, is an unassuming hole in the wall brewery that specializes in Sour Beers. They have a cult following and beers are constantly flowing amongst the happy beer drinkers that always fill the modest sized tap room. These beautiful and unique labels caught my eye because they look curated for a brewery much larger than Crane. They are incredibly well done; the geometric shapes, color palette and whimsical nature make for a look much different than anything else you see on the shelf at the liquor store.

– Abby

Designed By: Crane Brewing (In House)

Source: The Dieline

2 – Hippeas

The worlds most iconic brands are created through consistency and duration … but Hippeas has managed to hijack an already iconic symbol, the smiley face. They built upon those positive associations and re-appropriated it to be fresh, contextual and meaningful. They’ve bypassed the need for time to create something iconic in its own right.
– Fred

Dr. Feelgood
Source: Packaging of the World

3 – Dr. Feelgood’s Ice Pops

In the midst of this hot summer Dr. Feelgood’s Ice Pops are looking mighty refreshing right about now. These fun, cardboard sealed popsicles are all-natural, dairy-free with no refined sugar! Jam-packed with friendly typography and irresistible decorative elements, they are as charming as they are guilt-free.

– Bridget
Designed By: Brand Wagon


Cheese Vitayem

Source: The Dieline

4 – Cheese Vitayem!

Cheese Vitayem! knows how to stand out in stores with their expressive and delightful packaging. A cheery man appears on both the wheels of cheese along with the packages of sliced cheese, where a window is used in place of his golden, mustache. The man represents the main national characteristics of Belarusians, hospitality and friendliness. This charming design is so alluring, it is almost impossible not to pick it up and smile.

– Janna
Designer: Fabula Branding