Interact operates in the food and beverage space, and we are always looking at innovative examples in that realm. However, we can often find inspiration in all types of packaging from around the world. In this round of the packaging haul, we’re stepping outside of the box by checking out some structures that get our creative juices flowing.



Johnny Doodle
Image Credit: The Dieline

1 – Johnny Doodle

Memorable, graphic and engaging, Johnny Doodle changes the conversation around our grandmother’s old and dated fudge (sorry grandma!)
– Fred
Agency: Brand New


Image Credit: The Dieline


2 – Tylenol

I fell in love with the idea of how Tylenol altered traditional structure within an established and rather dated category. The incorporation of the serving cup into the cap is an incredibly smart use of structure. They also do a wonderful job of keeping language simple, clear and easy to navigate within the product line.
– Kyla
Designer: Joey Cheng

Image Credit: Lovely Package

3 – Benham’s Gin

For me, the crux of truly impactful packaging design is a true fusion of the storytelling, design and the materiality of the packaging experience. In a part of California known for wine, Benham has developed a beautiful Gin that speaks for itself. The design is multilayered like the experience of a great gin while the materials chosen create a unique, own-able experience. The blue glass is reminiscent of the sea it was distilled by while each bottle is blessed with a gold tag identifying the place where it was created. Beautiful showcase of the power of the investment in a unique / ownable structure.

– Emily


4 – UE Boom

Love Love UE Boom from both a product & experience standpoint.  I think they do a great job at expressing their personality in a very clear & concise way.  While they focus on communicating what they are, they do so in such a way that also expresses who they are.  The distinctive experience they’ve created is consistent throughout, as is evident when you open the packaging, wherein all of the product pieces are organized in such a way that both maximizes the space and contains little elements of surprise that help to engage the consumer & make for a memorable experience.

– Christie