Welcome to another round of the Packaging Haul! With Halloween just days away, we’re in the mood to stick to a special, festive theme. Hope you’re stocked up on candy and costumes for this one. We promised there are no tricks here – just treats.



1 – Black O’Lantern by Wasatch Brewery

In a sea of orange labels decorated with photos of pumpkin patches meant to evoke warm feelings of falling leaves and a chill in the air, Black O’Lantern, an imperial stout with a hint of pumpkin, is not afraid to be the bad apple (or pumpkin, rather) on shelf.  With a stark black background, menacing jack-o-lantern face and a carved jagged die cut carrier, Black O’Lantern is a brew that unabashedly stands out among the competition.
– Kelley


2 – Moonstruck Haunted House

Moonstruck Chocolate from Portland has crafted these beautifully crafted Halloween chocolate truffles, each with a unique filling. This limited edition find is sold in a house (or is it a coffin?) shaped structure that you’ll want to hold onto even after the treats are gone.

– Abby


3 – Teavana Pumpkin Spice Brulee

Fall is about more than Halloween. We all know that Pumpkin Spice ties for being the real star of autumn. Teavana has created a tea that adds a little bit of caramel, butterscotch, and vanilla to make it that much better. With lively illustrated pumpkins on the orange canned packaging, this is the perfect tea to accompany colorful fall days.
– Lindsay


4 – Frozen Ghost Vodka

Frozen Ghost Vodka is the epitome of spooky packaging. The “ghosted” figure in the background is provocative and has a chilling aura. Thin, sans serif typography is also used in different weights and sizes to execute a vanishing aesthetic. This bottle would be a perfect addition to an eerie, Halloween bash.
– Janna

Thanks for checking out another edition of our Packaging Haul. We have a sweet tooth for deliciously packaged goodies all year round, but there’s definitely something special about this time of year! Stay tuned to see more products we’ve got our eyes on.