As if grocery shopping wasn’t fun enough already, now there’s wine involved. Grocery stores across the US are giving way to a new trend that has completely changed the grocery game by combining modern dining with premium grocery shopping. Needless to say, it’s way more than you’re habitual trip to the store but rather an entirely modern and chic grocery experience. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite, and most unique spots inspired by the true goodness of food.

Mario Batali’s Eatlay in New York was one of the first to successfully bring this concept to life. Here, shoppers can enjoy a communal dining atmosphere as well as peruse the aisles while casually sipping and snacking. Dedicated to quality, taste, and community, Eataly features a vast spectrum of Italian fare for eating in-store or at home. They pride themselves on matching the experience to the quality of food, making it difficult for anyone not to be a die-hard loyalist. Other notable food markets in New York that are worth your salt include the original, Todd English Food Hall, Gotham West Market, and Hudson Eats.




Moving down the coast, you’ll find Union Market in Washington DC. Unlike the rest on the list, this market has 40 vendors in addition to “pop up” vendors that are established storefronts who come to the market to feed the always-hungry public. Union Market is much more than a swanky grocery store but rather an epicenter for the community and commerce that makes DC, DC. If eating, shopping, and sipping wasn’t enough to woo you, Union Market also has a crowded events calendar including yoga, happy hour, and live music. This market is one of DC’s truly unique hangouts that guarantee to keep you full and entertained all year round.



While most of these modern spots are focused on grape-based libations, The Source, out of Denver decided to ditch the wine glasses and incorporate some real Colorado culture. This market features its own in-house brewery alongside a local butcher, florist, coffee roaster, and mini market. Other dining options include Comida, serving watermelon jalapeno margs, and Babette’s artisan bakery. Located in an old foundry, The Source is an excellent showcase of Denver’s trending small businesses that are dishing up nothing but deliciousness.

the source


Newly opened, and very much anticipated is Krog Street Market in Atlanta. They’ve taken cues form the more ritzy restaurants and established themselves in Ingman Park as a place for upscale eats. The main attraction is The Luminary, the first restaurant of Top Chef’s Eli Kirchstein, Gu’s Dumplings, and a smaller version of The General Muir called, Fred’s Meat & Bread Co. Even with high expectations, Krog Street Market has yet to disappoint.



Last on our list for modern grocery markets, is Melrose Market in Seattle, Washington. Upon entering the store you’ll be greeted by a big brass statue that pays homage to Seattle’s unofficial icon, the pig. While there is only one sit-down restaurant, the market is home to many other vendors that all source ingredients right from the store. In addition to a broad selection of artisanal groceries and modern-American cuisine, this eatery also includes Melrose Market Studios, a venue that holds up to 250 guests for concerts, events, and anything in between. Melrose is a great alternative to the bustling Pike’s Place Market that will also provide some much needed rain coverage.


While Eataly has become the poster child for the modern grocery experience, it doesn’t end in New York. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite stops but the list continues to grow as the artisanal food scene gains even more momentum. These markets are inspired by food’s ability to bring people together, and, as a consequence, have created innovative, modern, and unique shops that are here to stay, we hope.